UPDATE: Hobie Cat 14 crew weight survey

Dear members,

We are pleased to notify you of some important information about the Hobie Cat 14 Crew weight survey launched last week. The survey is progressing very well. The IHCA is pleased to see the involvement and engagement of the sailors. We appreciate everyone’s time being part of the survey.

We have been asked if the system allows you to vote more than once. Yes, it does. Nevertheless, a member is for obvious reasons only supposed to comment and vote once. Should someone try to vote more than once then it is easily spotted in the output data we get from the database. Only one vote per member will be accepted and be counted for the result.

Not that we expect to see it, but the right is reserved to exclude all data from a responder who votes more than once if a pattern shows a deliberate attempt to manipulate the outcome of the survey.
It is strongly recommended to vote only once rather than embarrassing yourself with multiple votes and literally be taken with the fingers in the cake tin. It is so easily spotted as said before. As such your votes will not count.

Concerns about non-Hobie Cat 14 members being able to contribute to the survey have been raised too. A relevant question, indeed. We thought about it in the planning phase. This is why there is a mandatory data field in the survey asking the responder to tell her/his Hobie class primarily sailed. With the outset in data from this field, it is possible to extract a result based alone on those indicated to be active on a Hobie Cat 14. Also, with our records from regattas and membership, we know who the Hobie Cat 14 sailors are.

It is our intention to publish the results of the survey as soon as possible after the October 19, 2023, deadline. It will include the general result as well as the result based on those who have indicated themselves to be actively sailing on a Hobie Cat 14. The latter result will of course be the most important take-away from the survey.
Finally, a huge thank you to those of you who already took the survey. Very helpful for the IHCA Rules Committee to make a response that you, the sailors wish for. And hope to see more responses before the deadline. Thanks.

Erik Olsen
IHCA Rules Committee Chair

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