Hobie MultiWorlds and Europeans offical website now live!

Hobie Multi worlds and Europeans 2023

The Hobie Multi Worlds and Europeans website is now live!

The official website for the Hobie Multi Worlds and Europeans is now live. You can now book your accommodation with the Cesenatico Hotel Association to ensure you get the best accommodation for your requirements.

The Notice of Race and registration will be released very soon.

Hobie Cat 14 and Dragoon  World Championship:
Dragoon: 12-15th July
Hobie 14: 18-21 July

Hobie Cat 16 European Championship:
Youth fleet: 12-15th July
Masters: 14-15th July
Spi Cup: 14-15th July
Open Qualification: 16-17th July
Open Finals: 18-21st July

There are two websites one in English and the other in Italian.

 www.hobieme23.com(eng)  www.hobieme23.it (ITA)

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